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Putian Qideli Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. Factory Tour

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China Putian Qideli Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. certification
I am now very confident in our company's product, is better than others' product.Good drilling tools, made by QIDELI.

—— Zhao Li Dong-----Agent on Xining Qinghai China

Our DTH hammer has passed the test of 4,500 meters and there are no problems at present. Thank you for your quality products.

—— Kassym------Kazakhstan customer

  • Production Line



    Putian qideli drilling tools co., LTD. founded in 1990, is a r&d enterprise engaged in professional production and management of drilling tools in mines.Over the past 20 years, the type, cross, ball tooth, coal bit, high and low wind pressure submarine drill bit, impactor, etc. produced have been widely used in energy, metallurgy, geology, coal, water conservancy, chemical industry and mining, road construction, and obtained the unanimous affirmation of the majority of users.The product specification is complete, the quality is excellent, has passed the iso9001:2008 system authentication, the reliable stable quality wins the domestic most market praise, many users throughout, simultaneously sells in distant markets Russia, Japan, southeast Asia and so on the region.

    Putian Qideli Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. factory production line 0




    1Steel procurement:We use high quality special steel, strict screening cooperation manufacturers, to ensure the quality of raw materials.


    2. Forge: We are looking for manufacturers of high-tonnage forging equipment to cooperate in order to make the steel after being forged to achieve the assembly structure of bar and higher density, so as to improve the strength of steel body.


    3. Lathe process:Through putian lathe for the preliminary processing of forging pieces, so that it has a good positioning benchmark.


    4. Finsh turning:The cylindrical part of the workpiece is processed by CNC lathe.


    5. Milling: Use a milling machine to process the spline of the product.


    6. Heart treatment:Our company has more than 10 years of heat treatment experience, advanced heat treatment equipment, production.


    7. Drilling button holes:Our company uses imported processing center for drilling, hole positioning accurate, high precision.


    8. Insert button:We use mechanical semi-automatic insert equipment to make our alloy insert stronger.


    9. Surface treatment: Adopt shot blasting machine to treat the surface of the product, make the product more beautiful.


    10. Color and package.


    Putian Qideli Drilling Tools Co., Ltd 



    Putian Qideli drilling tools Company was founded in 2010, is specialized in the production and operation of mining drilling tools, research and development-oriented enterprises. 20 years, the production of chisel-bits, cross-bits, button bits, thread bits, PDC bits high and low air pressure DTH bits, DTH hammer, drill rods, etc, are widely used in energy, metallurgy, geology, coal, water conservancy, chemical industry and the mining, road construction, has been unanimously endorsed by the majority of users. Basing on our complete product and excellent quality, We have a certain domestic markets, also export to Russia, Japan, Southeast Asia and other regions alsowhile.



    1. How can i place an order?

    Please provide the product specification, requirement and quantity you need,We will contact with you at the first time.

    We can communicate through Wechat/Skype/WhatsApp/Email to facilitate our more efficient communication.


    2. What kind of engineering equipment and drilling tools do we provide?

    Drilling Equipment:

    ① Drilling rig    ② Water well drilling rig    ③ Integrated drilling rig    ④ Hydraulic tunneling drilling rig    ⑤ Air compressor

    Drilling Tools:

    ① DTH hammer     ② DTH bits     ③ Drilling rod     ④ Top hammer bits     ⑤ Shank adapter     ⑥ Taper bits    ⑦ Taper rods


    3. How about the warranty ?

    Guarantee according to industry standard。


    4. What is your terms of delivery?

    We accept EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU, DDP, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.


    Customer Service

    1. Before signing an official contract with our customer we will help to analyze and provide professional solution based on customer project information and come out with optimum solution.Such as the equipment matching,bits face shape design,bits button design.

    2. Your inquiry related to our products or price will be replied in 24hours.

    3. Keep informing our customer production process and help arrange quality checking in the factory if necessary.


    4. We supply one-shop service, we can supply you the bits , hammer , drilling rig ,air compressor uniformly.

    5. Support product customization, research and manufacture according to your samples or drawings.



    Putian Qideli Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. factory production line 0

    Putian Qideli Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. factory production line 1

    Putian Qideli Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. factory production line 2

  • R&D

    Putian Qideli Drilling Tools Co.,Ltd persevere in specialization management,adhere to the road of brand development,keep improving our products and services.

    1. We have been focusing on drilling tool production for over 25 years and have an excellent technical team.
    2. Our company introduces advanced high-speed processing center and automatic processing equipment to guarantee the reliability and stability of products.
    3. Over 15 years of heat treatment experience can significantly improve product performance.
    4. Strict selection of suppliers, using quality steel and hard alloy, with long product life.

    Putian Qideli Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. factory production line 0Putian Qideli Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. factory production line 1




    1. Product design

    Scientific hard alloy design, anti-fatigue, and breakage processing technology, excellent heat treatment is a good foundation of drilling tools. According to the product usage, the working pressure and the type of rock formation, the products can be designed and selected raw material. Our professional technical team will create the most suitable products for our customers.

     Putian Qideli Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. factory production line 2


    2. Production and heat treatment

    Mature and stable heat treatment process is the core technology of good drilling tools. Carburizing, quenching and tempering technology can improve the product surface hardness and integral fatigue life while maintaining the drill tools high hardness. Then, manufacturing deficiency in the machining process can lead to early failure of the product. QIDELI engaged in drilling production for about 30 years, with 15 years of experience in heat treatment, mature and stable processing technology, to provide you with high quality and stable products.

    Putian Qideli Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. factory production line 3


    3. Test track

    We take reasonable design as the basis, stable technology as the foundation, the result of field test as the orientation, collect the actual feedback of the product continuously, carry on the improvement unceasingly, provide the better product unceasingly for the general user.


    Putian Qideli Drilling Tools Co., Ltd. factory production line 4





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